Most sodas today have two objectives:
          1. pleasant taste.
          2. be refreshing.
     Of course it has to have a pleasant taste, else you won't drink it, hence
not buy it again.
      Secondly, they tend to be refreshing, but not necessarily thirst
quenching. Look at the size of drinks promoted with most meals at
restaurants of fast food establishments- 32 oz., thats a lot of soda. Both of
these reasons keep you spending your money on excessive drinks. And
keep you in the restroom. hopefully you don't have to tip an attendant, else
you would surely be broke.
      Root beer on the other hand bucks the trend. Root beer strives for a
sophisticated taste, usually pleasing, but sometimes strange. It's not
concerened with being a thirst quencher, more often it's filling. If you can
drink more than twelve ounces of and brand of root beer than it's not doing
it's job.
      Look at the ingredients label and you'll see while root beer is so filling.
"Just 'cuz you don't need I.D. don't mean it ain't sophisticated." That's what
I like to tell customers. Root Beer manufacturers strive to taste different
from the rest. Drinkers likewise, tend to search for brands they have yet to
taste. It's almost a perfect union.(This is philosophy remember.) The chase
is what is excitng. Gotta taste 'em all.
      Root beer only captures about three per cent of the soda market share.
I wouldn't expect it to ever grow by any dramatic leap. A twelve ounce
portion is all you need, any more is just plain overkill. Soda of any other
nature, on the other hand, you can drink straight out of the fountain and
never get full, you'll get sick but never full, for cryin' out loud. I am in the
soda/ice cream business, have been for over a decade. I only buy root beer
I can sell. sales points usually focus on taste differences, label design or
manufacturer locations. You just can't do that with any other non-alcoholic
      Because I sell root beer, it may sway the way I have reviewed these
products. Oh well. However, I have never been or never will be paid off to
sell an inadequate product.
      If you have differing views let me know. Click here.


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