My Root Beer Story: 7 out of 10 people have a root beer story.
That's what I've come to believe. Just the word " root beer" starts
others on story topics ranging from prohibition to Uncle Ernies
tornado cellar full of exploding root beer bottles. Cola's don't evoke
stories, nor do lemon- lime sodas- grape, orange, nothing. There is
something romantic about root beer in many. If you are one of the
three out of ten who don't have one, you just haven't experienced it
Here's mine.
      Before A&W sold root beer in cans and bottles, it could only be bought
at their restaurants. Especially at an early age I loved root beer. Saturday
morning when my folks went off to work, my brother and I would ride our
bikes across town to the local A&W. To our great delight, there was a
doughnut shop right across the street. We would take our allowance
money, and buy a bakers dozen of doughnuts and a gallon of root beer for
around three or four dollars. The root beer would come in a plastic
container with a handle, and the doughnuts in a box. The root beer would
slide down my handlebars, and we would take turns holding the doughnut
box, so the other could eat a doughnut on the way back. Of course, we
would stop several times on the way back to chug some root beer. Usually
by the time we got home we would be so full, we couldn't eat or drink
another thing, well, at least not for another half hour.

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Here is a story from a professional brewer:

When Kevin was a little boy he had a brother who was only 18 mos. older
than him and two big brothers who were 10 and 11 years older. When his
big brothers were driving age they were "forced" to take the little guys with
them to get them out of Mom's hair, which of course the cool older brothers
hated because it put a major crimp in their style when it came to impressing
and trying to pick up chicks. The oldest brother was the proud owner of a
'51 Mercury, originally white, which he spray-painted a very shiny metallic
brown. When cruising Alvarado (downtown Monterey) the big brothers
would make the little brothers lie down in the back seat so no one would
see them, pretty much threatening them with their lives! But it wasn't always
bad for the little guys. Occasionally the cool big brothers would take Kevin
and Ted (the other young one) to A&W to get root beer. The family was on
a tight budget so this was really a treat. It was a big deal. The big brothers
would pull up to the drive-in side of A&W in their ultra-cool Mercury and
the boys would be treated to a huge, delicious root beer. At that time the
root beer was served in a big cone-shaped container. When you were
finished drinking it you could remove the small round bottom end and it was
transformed into a megaphone. WOW! Because of these wonderful trips to
A&W Kevin has always loved root beer. As an adult, just for fun, Kevin
became a homebrewer of beer and soda, winning lots and lots of local,
state , and national awards. Since he gave most all of his brews away as
gifts and since most of our friends don't drink, he wanted to make a great
soda and settled on root beer, his favorite. Kevin made root beer at home
for about 10 years, constantly working on the recipe. At first there were the
exploding bottles (His advice to all, "Be sure to put it down in the sink when
you open it!"), the overly carbonated stuff, the flat stuff, the too spicy stuff,
the sickly sweet stuff, the too tart stuff, and so on. Friends and family
experienced all the different versions. What good sports! With time and
experience it just kept getting better and better until it got to be really
delicious. Kevin and I both have had a career in the hospitality industry and
we never envisioned ourselves as professional root beer brewers (who'd a
thunk it?) but that's what we became almost 3 years ago. Life can have
some funny twists. Since then we have personally served our root beer to
thousands and thousands of people at all kinds of fairs and festivals. The
root beer stories do indeed abound! It seems like everyone has a story to
tell. (One of the funniest "explosion" stories was from a girl who lived with
her grandma. Grandma made her keep the root beer under her bed and she
would often be suddenly awakened at night by the exploding bottles.)
People will often stand at our booth for long periods of time as they tell their
story. And it's great because, by the look in their eyes as they reminisce,
you can see that they are really good memories.

      If you would like to share your root beer story, I would be pleased
to post it on my web site. Just click here and e-mail me.     

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